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Dienstag, 1. November 2016

November / December 2016 - THE OLD MASTERS - Matisse

This time its all about being inspired by Matisse´s Art

Diese Runde geht es darum, sich von Matisse´s Kunst inspirieren zu lassen

"On The Couch"

I have started this one using a photo and scetch it out with charcoal, then include the colors and pattern in Matisse-Style....I have painted it a few years ago, but it fascinates me every time I see it ;) 

Go out on a hunt on his pattern and include it into your journalspread! Have fun!

Ich habe dieses Bild begonnen inspiriert von einem Foto...Ich habe ein Sketch mit Kohle gemalt und dann erst die Farben und Muster hinzugefügt...Es ist schon ein paar Jahre alt, aber es fasziniert mich jedesmal wenn ich es sehe ;)

So macht Euch auf die Suche nach seinen Mustern und integriert sie in Eure Journalseiten!...Viel Spass!

So what the challenge is about:

So um was geht es denn in dieser Challenge:

This time we play with:
"Matisse´s Art
his pattern"

Diesmal spielen wir mit:
"Matisse´s Kunst,
seine Muster"

And oh by the way, so much of you hopped over to the  Facebook Group called "Mix It Monthly Art Challenge" where we can share our work and get  so easy in touch too...

Und oh, ich habe eine Facebook Gruppe erstellt die heisst Mix It Monthly Art Challenge", und so viele von Euch machen nun von dort aus mit, da es etwas einfacher ist unsere Bilder zu teilen und sich auszutauschen...

I want to add a lil video about my latest journalspread:

Here are some inspiration-pics from Pinterest to get your creative juices flowing 

Hier wieder ein paar Inspirationsbilder von Pinterest zum Thema 

Henri Matisse. Around April 1906 he met Pablo Picasso, who was 12 years younger than Matisse. The two became lifelong friends as well as rivals and are often compared; one key difference between them is that Matisse drew and painted from nature, while Picasso was much more inclined to work from imagination. The subjects painted most frequently by both artists were women and still life, with Matisse more likely to place his figures in fully realized interiors.:

Matisse. Let hier op de contourlijnen die Matisse gebruikt. Er is verschil in lijndikte:


Henri Matisse - Interior with Egyptian Curtain, 1948 - at Philips Collection Art Gallery Washington DC by mbell1975, via Flickr:

Henri Matisse, Intérieur, bocal de poissons rouges, printemps, 1914. - picture from deborah-julian-art:


My favorite Matisse!!! The first poster I hung in my first home was of this! Love!:


Henri Matisse (French artist, 1919-1942)  The Spaniard 1928:


"The Goldfish" by Matisse... Always be favorite of mine.:

"Mulher sentada", Henri Matisse (1942) Em 1941, adoentado por um câncer, foi hospitalizado em Lyon, onde os médicos deram a ele seis meses de vida. Sem poder viajar, utilizou experiências recolhidas em suas viagens para aperfeiçoar sua originalidade. Nesse período, Matisse inventou a técnica de "desenho com tesoura":

Henri #Matisse - Odalisque in Red Trousers:

And if you want to know more about Matisse´s Cut Out you can watch the video below:

I can´t wait to see your work!
Let your muse be curious about all the pattern that lives with us the whole day, if you look closer you found out, that we are sourrounded bei them....take a deeper look on Matisse´s work, how he integrates the pattern and what kind of colours he used...

Ich kann es mal wieder kaum abwarten, Eure Werke zu sehen!
Lasst Eure Muse mal ganz neugierig nach Mustern suchen, denn sie begegnen uns überall, den ganzen Tag...betrachtet Matisse´s Werke etwas genauer....schaut wie er Muster in seine Bilder integriert hat und vielleicht auch  welche Farben er benutzt hat...

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